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About Members

The membership of GADRI is open to institutes with an aim to contribute to the advancement of disaster research, and those working in the field of disaster risk reduction. Various research institutions from around the world have joined GADRI among which are universities, networks, organizations in collaboration with UN agencies such as UNU, UNDRR, UNESCO, and others.

Our expectations from member institutions among others include:

  • identify status of the current research gaps in their area of research to achieve disaster risk reduction in the real world;
  • commitment and contribution to the goals of the Science and Technology Raodmap for the implementation of the Sendai Framework Agenda for 2030;
  • development of new methodologies and technologies for data analyses, promotion of action data and encouragement of open data sharing, for research and risk reduction applications;
  • self-evaluation of research achievements and sharing of knowledge during the GADRI biennial global summit sessions.

Currently, there is no fee required to become a member.

To view the list of members, visit the page for member institutions.
member institutions


Geographical distribution of members of GADRI - as of April 2020.